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    Integr8 helps our clients use technology to become more productive and address their business challenges by seamlessly managing their ICT needs. We believe in simplicity and handle the parts of the job our clients don’t have time to deal with, so they can focus on doing what they do best: building their company.

    We pride ourselves on providing you with the technology that enhances your business performance.

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    We don’t just reduce system disruptions.
    We offer superior security

Industries we serve

Financial, business and other services

Fintech, cryptocurrencies, and robo-advisors! The pace of technological progress, combined with ever-tightening industry regulations, has made it more complex than ever for financial specialists, brokers and business consultants to bill hours and earn commission.

Retail & wholesale

With our help, our clients can spend less time wondering where their stock went and more time focusing on profits. Technology has made tasks like stocktaking, inventory management, procurement and points of sale less labour-intensive and easier to manage.

Healthcare, education and personal services

Developments like electronic health records, online school records, iPads in education and online consultations allow our clients to spend more time with their customers, patients or students, and less on manually capturing data.

  • It’s not called a start-up for nothing! While our client is busy developing the next generation of apps, we’ll get them out of the starting blocks with powerful laptops, an e-commerce solution and a payment system, as well as physical security to guard all that expensive equipment.

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  • Previously an industry dominated by manual processes and powered by diesel, our clients can now track assets and fleets, map out a route for their drivers with mobile GPS, make payments online and monitor and manage their entire supply chain in the cloud.

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  • Working in the media is an always-on, always available profession. We’ve got their back, no need to be office-bound anymore. From coffee shop meetings to client presentations, we give them the freedom to take their business wherever they are with mobile connectivity and online document management.

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  • Today’s special is… let’s connect to the WiFi we’ve so thoughtfully provided for our clients’ guests or call the concierge on their PBX. We know what modern guest relations are all about, and we’ll help our clients score that five-star review on TripAdvisor.

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  • Our mobile data and online document solutions will help our clients become property moguls. They can take photos of their property listing and upload them immediately, keep their tenant leases up to date electronically, and make those sales from anywhere with our support.

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  • A mine is about more than hard hats and PPE. We provide our clients with rugged devices and much-needed mobility to survive even the toughest conditions — above and below ground. For our clients who are office-bound, we provide cloud-hosted PBX solutions ensuring always-on connectivity and seamless conferencing.

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  • When a client’s day revolves around production schedules and trucking manifests, or they have hectares of land and animals to tend to, we’re the partner they’ve been looking for. From rugged devices to survive even the toughest conditions and handling to satellite connectivity and ultimate mobility — we connect clients wherever they are on the farm or in the plant.

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  • Every muse needs a MacBook or at least a serious graphics card. Staying creative while handling the day-to-day of running an agency can leave our clients uninspired. We bundle everything they need in one package: high-tech laptops, EUD management.

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  • Whether our clients offer mass or customised production, they know all about the Fourth Industrial Revolution being driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Let us help make Industry 4.0 a reality in their business.

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  • Our clients need their construction business to operate on a strong foundation. This means crack-proof devices, intelligent project-management systems, smart equipment that’s tracked and monitored by IoT.

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  • Our clients rely on tight security to keep their clients, data and workforce safe, secure and always online. It’s incredible how security services have evolved, leaping from purely physical protection to biometrics authentication, identity management and multiple site surveillance.

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  • Mobility, cloud computing, online billing systems, social and online community management, online reputation management and cybersecurity. In the legal industry, our clients must be able to guarantee their clients’ information stays confidential, while they themselves must be online and available. We have what they need to ensure their office runs like they’re on the set of Suits.

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About Us

From our early beginnings as a growing, independent technology services company to today, as a division of BCX, within the Telkom Group, Integr8 has been a proud partner of Mid-Market businesses who are out to change the game, not give their customers more of the same.

We exist to help you realise your full business potential, by enabling productivity through technology. We manage your company’s ICT needs, giving you more time to focus on what matters: your bottom line. We’re continually searching for new IT, mobile, voice, connectivity, cloud and software solutions that best meet the needs of mid-market enterprises, finding inventive, cost-effective ways to increase your efficiency, helping you get things done. That’s because we know what it takes to build a business, and we believe in yours.

Our Solutions,
Products & Services

Using our wealth of experience and knowledge in the mid-market business environment, we pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ industries and how their companies operate.

Our solutions, products and services are hand-picked to give our clients the edge, and are grouped into:

  Connectivity services
  LAN and End-User Services
  Hosting Infrastructure Services
  Hardware Sales and Procurement
  Industry solutions
  Application services
  Professional Services

What we stand for

We believe in simplicity: 
we handle the parts of the job our clients don’t have time to deal with, so they can focus on doing what they do best.

We use technology to boost productivity:
freeing up time spent on everyday tasks, so there is more time for strategy and execution.

We know that different industries require different approaches:
finding business solutions that fit not just our clients’ needs but match the specific needs of their industry too.

We are agile:
the ever-changing environment in which the mid-market operates calls for flexibility; we help our clients adapt quickly so that they stay competitive.


Inventive solutions for today… and tomorrow:
Integr8 is up-to-date with modern technologies, and we keep our eyes on emerging ones.

We are cost-effective:
no one understands bottom line the way we do; we make it a priority to streamline your business processes and save you money.

We are easy to work with:
our clients can expect seamless service when doing business with Integr8; we are all about service excellence.

Integr8 cares:
our clients’ business goals are emblazoned on our hearts. We want to see them thrive, employ more people, and grow our economy.

Why choose Integr8?

No one understands the mid-market business sector in South Africa like we do. That’s a fact, but that’s not all. Here’s what makes us stand out from the pack:

We believe technology is a productivity enabler:

that’s because we’re serious about getting things done when you’re building a business. Time waits for no one.

Our industry-led approach:

there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. Each industry comes with its own rules, and we have the playbook.

Our e-commerce portal puts our clients in the driver’s seat:

simple is sexy; our clients can go online, custom-build their own package and place their orders online.

We have access to serious infrastructure:

being a division of BCX, a part of the Telkom Group, gives us access to unimaginable resources, which we put to work for our clients.

We attract the best and brightest:

our technicians and service staff are highly skilled, knowledgeable and stay up to date with technology trends.

We prioritise our clients’ bottom lines:

cost-effectiveness is everything when growing an empire. Integr8’s products and services offer excellent value at great

Service Promise

We’ll take care of clients ICT requirements so they can focus on running their business. For added peace of mind, sign up for our service promise.